The Symptoms And Effects Of Holden’s Depression

The signs and symptoms of teen depression can be hard to notice, it can also be easy to notice.

Holden suffers from depression threw out the book (The Catcher In The Rye). Having the desire to fit in with everyone else is one of the things he is depressed about. Holden also suffers threw loneliness, Holden tries desperately to Converse even with people he doesn’t like, even a prostitute. He is also depressed about the natural transition from child to adult.

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First, one of the things Holden is depressed about is having the desire to fit in with everyone else. Threw out the book Holden thinks about leaving the school( Pencey Prep) and also about Leaving his home town. Holden dislikes his school because he thinks everyone’s phoney. He says that the people there were jerks and wouldn’t let him jointheir group of friends. Having to try and make friends is part of teen depression because its the desire to fit with everyone else and as a teen that is basically everything to most. The effects of Holden not being able to fit in is being annoyed for no apparent reason, dropping grades, and also quitting the fencing team.

All of these effects are from not being able to fit in. Second, Holden also suffers threw loneliness. Holden is lonely because he doesn’t like people he says there phoney and jerks. The only people he likes are his sister and his brothers. Holden is so lonely that he’ll talk to people he thinks are jerks or phonies.

Even though Holdendoesn’t want to be lonely he can’t seem not to be. Sense Holden dislikes almost everyone its hard for him to talk to people but yet he does it anyways. Loneliness is part of teen depression because when teens are alone for long periods of time they feel as if they are not needed in this world and also not wanted. Holden feels like this often during the book so it’s another sign of teen depression with Holden. Finally, Holden is depressed about the natural transition of child to adult which occurs with teenage depression a lot. Threw out the book Part of him wants to connect with other people on an adult level (and, more specifically, to have a sexual encounter), while part of him wants to reject the adult world as “phony,” and to retreat into his own memories of childhood.

He doesn’t want to become an adult yet he still wants to be a child, which is something a lot of teenagers go through. Holden decides to become an adult but wants to be “The Catcher In The Rye”. Basically he wants all the kids that are playing in the to be safe and keep living on as children and have no worries. In conclusion, Holden is suffering from teen depression. Having the desire to fit in with everyone else, suffering from loneliness , and also making the transition from child to adult.

All of these are symptoms of teen depression. Dropping of grades, not being active, and wanting more out of life are effects of teen depression. These are all symptoms and effects of teen depression and Holden has all of them so there for Holden is suffering of depression.