The Truth About America's Discovery

Every year in October, we celebrate Christopher Columbus day. It’s the day where America was first discovered in October 12, 1492. We celebrate this day because it gives us the time to look back on what it took to get to where we are.

We’re lucky to be in the United States today, to get away from all the communism, slavery, and unequal opportunities that we didn’t have in our home countries. But is it really being celebrated the right way? We all know how it went; Columbus came through his voyages, four in total, on the Pinta, Santa Maria, and La Nina. Yes, America was a great discovery but was it all for the right reasons? To our knowledge we only know the good he did, but in reality he was a horrid man. For example, taking the native people’s land and their lives as well.Give and take that’s all Columbus did by coming to the Americas.

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He interacted with the native Indians, bribing them with gifts and never before seen material and weapons. While doing that he took their lives and their land, claiming it for his country itself as well taking the credit of finding the Americas, when it was obvious that the native Indians were there before Europeans ever came. Therefore this day we celebrate shouldn’t be named or credited to a man that had absolutely nothing to do with the discovery of the Americas. It makes no sense how we have this holiday that shouldn’t even exist. This is our opinion on Christopher Columbus; in retrospect it is clear that he did not discover America because the Native Indians were already there before. We believe that it should be celebrated for the rights reasons instead people don’t know what the right reasons cerebrating the destruction of the new world.

Celebrating Columbus Day is like celebrating the destruction of the new world as a whole.