The truth about skiing

The truth about skiing Skiing has been around for thousands of years. Skiing was invented in Scandinavia and has been believed to be dated from around 600 B.

C. This made traveling and hunting in winter faster and easier (Wikipedia). Today skiing is expensive and dangerous. In the ski season of 201, 54 people died in skiing accidents, on average 5.5 people die for every one million people go skiing (NSAA).

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The price of skiing is also outrages, for two people to go on a seven day trip it cost about $5000 dollars. This price includes a place to stay, rental equipment, traveling(if you fly), and food. People on average in the USA only make about $46,000 dollars a year(Wikipedia). The cost for skiing is $5,000 dollars a week for two people. If you have a family of four that will be $10,000 dollars almost a fourth of the average income(lee master).

If you compete in skiing like I do you have to pay a lot of money just to enter an event, also gear cost about $2000 dollars a year because you have to have different gear for different events. In the long run skiing is a very expensive sport, but It can also be very dangerous. Skiing is a very dangerous sport.on average for every 1 million people that go skiing 5 people die, but 40+ people die every year in skiing accidents(NSAA). Now ski companies have devolved helmets to prevent concussion and serious head injuries.

Today park skiers and big mountain skiers try to to bigger off jumps and push themes else to their limit. For example my brother Asher Crank died in a skiing accident I’m 2007, he landed on his head going off a jump but his helmet did not protect him. He was in a coma for two days the passed away on January 14, 2007. Professional skiers risk injuries everyday to have fun. Their goal is for people to have fun skiing and try their hardest. People die every day.

But not skiing, skiing is a fun and safe sport to enjoy with your family. You may have to pay thousands of dollars but it is worth it. Skiing is my passion and I would be amazing if it was yours. By, Alden watkins