The Truth Behind the Cane

The Truth Behind the Cane What is a natural disaster? A natural disaster is nature killing thousands of people. Hurricane is a real big natural disaster that can come and damage anything when it starts.

Hurricane can begin anytime. Hurricanes are caused when warm air starts growing speed and wind. Hurricanes create lots of damage and can kill as well. There are hurricane hunters working on getting more information. Therefore Hurricanes are the worst natural disaster you can ever experience because it’s extremely dangerous and deadly.

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Hurricanes are caused when a warm air starts bringing a lot of breezy wind. The author states in the Hurricane data set, “When the winds in Tropical storm average more than 75 mph, it becomes a Hurricane”. In the data set, the author is trying to state that when the warm tropical air wind with winds more than 75 mph is when you know a Hurricane will occur. Hurricanes can kill and create the worst damage by throwing down buildings with its strong winds. In the Hurricane data set, the author explains, “They can turn ordinary objects into deadly weapons by hurling them through the air at speed high enough to kill on impact”. The author means that the high speed winds can pick up or make any kind of objects become into deadly weapons to kill people and create lots of damage anything in its path.

Hurricane hunters are what people call planes that go into the storm and gather more information about the Hurricane occurring. The author states, “The crews also release instruments that measure temperatures, air pressure, and winds at different levels…”.For example, if a Hurricane happening, it’s the Hurricane hunter’s job to get more information about how much more wind or anything else the storm will bring with it. As you can see, Hurricanes is obviously the worst Natural disaster you can ever experience.It can happen anytime maybe even without a warning until you notice strong winds are blowing outside your house throwing objects down.You notice when the news are giving out warnings saying a big Hurricane will blow down most of your area.