What is a natural disaster? A natural disaster is nature killing thousands of innocent people. Hurricanes are a very violent natural disaster.

Hurricanes are caused by warm air and moisture mixed together. They can kill up to 10,000 people or more depending on the size and the wind. When a hurricane hits and the wind starts to pick up so you better find a place to hide and hopefully you will survive. Therefor hurricanes are the worst natural disaster to experience because they are huge monsters that will destroy anything in their way. Hurricanes are caused by warm air and moisture.

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The author states in the hurricanes data set that “although the exact conditions needed for hurricanes to form are unknown. These are two essential ingredients: warmth and moisture”. Hurricanes only develop at sea in warm water. You can tell when a hurricane is coming because the wind will pick up a lot of clouds will form together. In the middle of the hurricane there is something called the “eye” The author states that “The eye is in the middle and in the eye its calm and the wind is not blowing all crazy and it’s dark in side of the eye”.

One main reason I think a hurricane is the worst N.D is because the damage it causes to everything. For example the author states that” The Bridge that connects Calverton with the main land disappeared under the water. Waves as tall as five feet rush through the city, tearing down hundreds of buildings” and the worst thing of all is all of the people that dies from it for example the author states that “10,000 people died for just one hurricane now image if this happened somewhere in a bigger place more life’s would have been lost. Hurricane hunters are going after big and scary hurricanes to help us. Hurricane hunters go after hurricanes so that they can find out information that will help meteorologist.

They need the help so that they will know when a hurricane is going to happen before it happened so that they will be able to tell people so they can get people to safety and so more life’s will be saved. Hurricane hunters are very important because if they didn’t exist no one would know when a hurricane is about to hit and everyone will die.