Argumentative Essay onHurricanes

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and lasted tell August 25 – September 2 – 2017. It killed many of people. Many people lost their homes. I said ” It was the worst hurricane I have ever seen”.

Later, on September 9th. A hurricane named Irma hit florida. It was a level 4 hurricane which is very bad. A Lot of more people lost their homes. Texas got it with hurricane Harvey.

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It was a level 5 hurricane. A level 5 hurricane is a very bad and sever hurricane. All the damage that the hurricane did will tack years to recover from. Hurricane Harvey is number 2 on the most deadliest hurricane in the world. When Trump went a visited Texas he said to a shelter ” have a good time”.

I think that was a little mean thing to say because of all the people that may have lost their homes to tell them to have a good time. There was a second hurricane that hit Florida. That hurricanes name was Irma. Irma was a level 4 hurricane. That means it was deadly but not sever.

Trump went to visit Florida to see how bad the damage was. Trump said “Very few people died”. I think this time he said something right because now people now that Irma was not that deadly and there house may be ok. So after talking about the hurricane hopefully you know more about how much damage these hurricanes can do. If you have family in Florida and Texas think of them and see if you can help them in any why shape or form. If you can that will help them get back on there feet.