Leadership Free Essay

The Attack Seeing a living being almost die before your eyes can be life changing; it sure changed my life. I have become more aware of my surroundings. I pay attention to scenarios that can become life threatening situations.

I have realized how precious life is and how valuable it is. My dog Gracie was important part of my life and her death was a very challenging to overcome. I had an incredible relationship with my Jack Russell terrier Gracie; we have so many exciting, hilarious memories together. Gracie would always play with me when I was bored. Camping was another activity that Gracie and I loved to do together. Gracie would adore to sit all cozy by the campfire in her bed while I would be making a s’more.

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Gracie liked to take naps with me while I would sit on the couch watching tv. Gracie’s favorite activity to do though was to swim, but this was ruined for her one year when we went to Florida. One year when my whole family drove down to Florida, it was for a few weeks. My family and I went to a beach where you were allowed to brings our pets. My grandma brought her dog, Lucy.

Then we brought Gracie as well. The day was bright and warm; perfect for a swim. Once we arrived, I ran down the hot sand and jumped into the water. Gracie followed me and was swimming around in the water in circles. Off the distance I saw a big dog charging towards where Gracie and I were swimming. I darted out of the water, Gracie tried to, but the emasculate dog grabbed her with its jaws.

I was shocked, I screamed for my parents. While I was screaming for anybody to help, my parents were running to Gracie. My dad freed Gracie from the dog’s tight grip; Gracie was bleeding heavily. We rushed her to the nearest animal hospital. While in the car, my dad wrapped her into a towel to try and slow the bleeding.

It took a long drive but we finally got to the animal hospital. Gracie had to get about thirty to forty stitches across her left side down to her stomach.It has been about five or six years now since Gracie got attacked. We never found out who’s dog it even was. They just left without apologizing, paying for her vet bill, nothing.

Gracie had a big scar from where the stitches were, there was some fur missing as well. Gracie sadly, June twenty seventh 2015, had to put her to sleep. Although she is gone now, Gracie lived an amazing dog life. Gracie was seventeen years old and that’s outstanding for dogs. This has changed me so much; I am very protective of my loved ones.

My friends mean so much to me just as much as my family. I can get really emotional if my loved ones are hurt in any way. Overcoming the passing of Gracie was very challenging for me to overcome. But with my friends and family, I came over it. I still sometimes struggle with this by thinking about all of the fun times we had and cry.

On the outside I may seem rough and tough, someone who never cries, but that is not true. I cry a lot, mostly over stuff that isn’t even real. I cry over anything that scares me, I cry over the fact that I might not be able to meet my favorite Youtubers. Although I cry a lot, crying over Gracie is the one time that I actually mean crying.