The Ultimate Present for the Holiday Season? The Gift of Education.

We are spoiled. We are equipped with the luxuries of education, the gift of free speech, the joys of clean water, and the spoils of a democratic system. A system that enables us to both grow as a nation, but a system, that also empowers us to help others. However, for the majority of U.S citizens — we refuse to reach out.

Places and names like “Lenana” or “Matopeni” are nothing but a mere, unfamiliar acronym of letters. We do not know that these strange “names” are actually slums. Slums that for the first time in their history are given a chance at secondary education. “High schools” are finally being built for the children that are more than glad to be sitting in a classroom. Not depressed children burdened by the world around them, but hopeful children who are ready to take on the future.

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And this is where you come in. When the Supply WC was founded by a then-sophomore-me back in the late days of 2011, and the earlier days of 2012, I was inspired by the message that “all people are entitled to the right of education”. A belief that is solely implanted in our hearts, and a right that should be enjoyed by every child, man, and woman. At the Supply, we plan to empower urban slum children to ignite change in their communities and we plan on doing that by building one secondary school at a time. Our current projects include the Jumba Lenana Academy and Matopeni Secondary School, both located in slums not too far from the richest city in Kenya and capital — Nairobi.

With your support, we want to make this dream a reality by equipping them with the tools necessary to satisfy their demand, fully knowing that they will use their education to become the supply to their communities. They are The Supply. You are The Supply. We are all The Supply. Supply WC’s Video Reel: Supply WC’s FB: (Please message us for inquiries regarding donations, or any other questions regarding the Supply WC, thank you!) Supply HQ’s official site: Supply HQ’s official youtube: