The Unexpected Thing About High School Free Essay

High school is one of the craziest experiences I’ve had so far. The first day of school is terrifying.

You walk into school and you feel like a deer in the headlights. All of the Upperclassmen loom above you and you feel like a little kid that belongs back in seventh and eighth grade in middle school. The school is a maze of halllways and little hallways that branch off the bigger hallways, and some classes are downstairs, like my French class. The second day of school I went to lunch after French downstairs. I went up the stairs to go to my locker, retrieved my lunch, zoned out and started walking back to the lunch room. Then, I realized I was completely and totally lost.

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Fifteen minutes I spent going in circles in the hallways. Finally i just followed a hallway to a window, where I found the staircase. My friends were all wondering where I was, so I told them, because I was embarrased, that I went to the Library. But everyone knew what really happened…

My advice to next year’s Freshmen- go to the school before summer is over and MAKE A MAP!