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In life, almost everything including us fades over time. You buy shoes, clothes, jewelries and before you know it, even you will fade, but one thing that will never fade is learning.

No matter how old one gets, the seek for knowledge never ends. Instead, there is beyond knowledge one can get. One way to begin getting the knowledge is from school. It sets you through the path on the way to begin acquiring the knowledge. School is something that grows with you from when you are a little kid. I probably don’t remember my time in kindergarten, but I know that all my life, I have always loved going to school.

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School has always been a good experience for me because I got to meet new people and new friends. I remember me skipping on the road to school with excitement in my heart knowing awaiting the surprise in school every single day. The thing I came to realize is the spark of excitement in children goes off by the time they start getting older and when they are older, that enthusiasm about school ceases. Students tend not to take school any seriously again. Students go to school because they feel that they are obligated to.

The constant complaining when a teacher gives assignment, the complaint when a person is failed in a class. They make statements like “how will this help me”. They always ignore the essence of school. Yes it may be hard work maybe to wake up early, or do many homework assignments or class projects. From experience I know and am experiencing how school can be exhausting.

This exhaustion can be from trying hard to pass a class, everyday coming to a class and trying to understand a particular subject but you can’t still get it even if the teacher explains it over and over. I say this from experience because I pass through all this every day. In all we have to remember there is a saying that “nothing good comes easy”. The thing that we don’t seem to understand today is that school in the main thing in the world today. You cannot get a suitable job without having any school experience.

It is the light and way to more successful life. You cannot make it in life without school. It provides a place for you in the society; it provides you with respect from everyone you meet. Just look at the most successful people in our society. How do you think they got to the position they are today? It is through school. Each of them went to school with determination to achieve their goals.

It really amazes me to see doctors, lawyers; presidents etc and know that they earned that just by school. So I say that we student take school more seriously and you will see the outcome.