Argumentative Essay on Uniforms

Golf or polo collared shirts. Khaki or black pants.

No moccasins, no uggs, no open toed shoes. No sweatshirts, no sweatpants, no leggings. Does this sound like a good idea? No I did not think so. Every student is against this, so why should we have it? Yes, I do understand that a lot of people do not follow the dress code and sure that could be one reason we have uniforms but that is the administrations fault. If the teachers and administration would just enforce the dress code to everyone we might not have problems. For certain people, nothing is said but for others, they get called for everything even if it’s not that bad.

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If you are on the heavier side, black or super skinny no one says anything. If you are average size, you get in trouble for almost anything unless you are covered completely. Is being average something to be ashamed of? Is there something wrong with being bigger or black or skinny that makes you need special treatment? No, people just act like they’re a victim if they are picked out because they feel like you are choosing them because of how they look but it’s only because they’re not following code of conduct. I personally do not even like coming to school. It is too early in the morning, people are annoying and the teachers yell at you for no reason. I like being able to be comfortable in school; wearing my sweatpants and leggings with uggs or moccasins whenever I want.

If they take that away no one will even want to learn. It is better being able to have something you can chose when someone else chooses everything else for you. People think this will make our school better, but I really do not. This will make people aggravated and uncomfortable, not to mention we get them our senior year! This is an unfair policy, why would you take away our sense of individuality just for the possibility to “unify” our school? It will not unify it. If people have behavior problems, they will have behavior problems.

If two students do not get along, they will not get along. If someone is going to bully, they are going to bully. Uniforms are not going to change anything. Personally I believe uniforms are dumb and pointless, we already buy clothes to wear at home and on the weekend, what is the point of forcing us to buy new clothes? But students have no say in what we wear even though we are the ones that wear them. How about the school pays for everyone’s clothes?