The Unseen Amount

Anchor Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Key Club, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), Roots and Shoots are just a few clubs that our school offers.

There are numerous clubs that students can join, however at a price. Signing up for the clubs is just the start. Once a student signs up for a club if they would like to join it officially they would have to pay a due. These dues can range from ten dollars to twenty- five dollars. It is not only the clubs that require dues but also honor societies require students to pay.

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Having so many opportunities to join an interest club, our students may have that extra boost to get into the college that they applied for. Looking on this year a student spends a lot of extra money paying for dues and maybe their club shirts which are at least twenty dollars each. The total for one student would $150-155. Too much?