The War on Terror must Continue

The War on Terror is here and started after the 9/11 attacks made by Al Qaeda. It is a heavily disputed topic, many believe it needs to end, others think it is necessary.

Although The War on Terror causes many problems, what they are fighting for is something worth fighting for. The War on Terror should should not end until all major terrorist groups in the world are gone. If Americans keep at ISIS they may start to back off, keeping many families in many countries safer. Sadly there have been hundreds of thousands of deaths as a result of terrorism, and those terrorists must pay for their crimes Terrorism has been a horrible thing and will be around for a while, but if we do not act upon it, it will be here forever. The first act in The War on Terrorism started after the 9/11 attacks made by Al Qaeda.

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After those attacks, many Americans were in fear for their families and many were heartbroken from losses. At the time President George W. Bush had this to say, “Our war on terror begins with al-Qaida, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped, and defeated” (George Bush). 15 years after the 9/11 attacks, people still don’t believe that this kind of horror is even possible. Sadly though in the Middle East this horror happens every day.

The terrorist group known as ISIS is terrorising, torturing, and executing Muslims and Islamic supporters who do not agree with their view of Islam. People who believe differently towards Islam than ISIS does they will be killed in front of an entire town. This happens very often too. Every day, in fact, more children’s parents are taken from them, and some people believe this is not America’s war to fight. If innocent people are being slaughtered just like Americans were on 9/11 it will always be our fight, because George Bush is right The War on Terror will never end until all terrorism is gone. Although there is a very long way to go until terrorism ends it is very important that the first step has been taken against it.

Many people believe that attacking ISIS will just make them angry and result in more innocent families being slaughtered. The truth is “Continuing airstrikes could provoke ISIS even more, so taking a role in the back could make ISIS chill out and not be so violent” (THE FIGHT AGAINST ISIS). Think about it if Americans show ISIS what we the Americans are capable of they may think twice about taking more lives. Of course they will always continue to, but attacking them where it hurts may make them slow down. When president Obama was in office, he took the initiative to attack ISIS by saying this speech “We will not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq,” he insisted in his televised speech Wednesday night.

Instead, this will be a war where others—mainly Iraqi soldiers—fight on the ground, while American advisers devise the battle plans and American pilots pummel the enemy with missiles and bombs.” (Barack Obama) This speech means boots on the ground against ISIS could be devastating, but if Americans attack them from the air it can save many American lives, and the lives of Muslim families in the Middle East. These air strikes will take out ISIS jihadists not only in Iraq, but also across the border in Syria. So, at least initially, U.S.

airstrikes in Syria will be clustered along the Iraqi border, to keep ISIS jihadists from moving back and forth between the countries or from seeking safe haven (Isaac Chotiner). The War on Terror has many casualties, most of those are in the middle east. There are 6,000 United States Soldiers who have lost their lives fighting in the middle east. Add all the deaths of Americans from terrorism, Americans near around 10,000 Americans deaths as a result of terrorism (Unap Shah). 6,000 Americans soldiers dead is a lot.

Now think 100 times that amount. 600,000 is that number. 600,000 civilian lives have been taken because of all the havoc ISIS is causing and what Al Qaeda has already done. 600,000 innocent lives, and America should sit back and do nothing. The United States does recognize some of those civilian deaths have been caused because of crossfire, between ISIS and America, but the vast majority is because of ISIS and it won’t stop.

Unap Shah even stated in her article “at an early point the civilian death casualties is between 400,000-900,000 deaths.” (Unap Shah)900,000 deaths is at an early point in the war. Where will the casualties be at the late point of the war? The death count is rising exponentially and must be stopped before any more lives are lost. In conclusion, terrorism is terrible act of horror that needs to end. The War on Terror is a necessary war in order to end all terrorism on a global scale. Terrorism ruins families, neighborhoods, and even cities with threats and death.

Keeping at ISIS with military grade missiles may make ISISback off allowing families to return into the nearby safer countries. There have been hundreds of thousands of deaths as a result of terrorism, and there needs to be a permanent punishment before there is any more deaths.