Is it a tradition to continue bullying and use foul language?

Bully! Bully! Bully! As much as I hear this word I feel annoyed. I feel that someone might get into a huge crisis, by getting involved in this particular bully world. People, kids, families, friends all have gone through this phase. I don’t understand why is not media taking an action on it? I mean, if media could move their minds from seeking other celebrity’s lifestyle, I am sure they could talk about this matter too. I have heard a lot of kids complaining that they have been bullied or their friends have been bullied by certain teens.

They don’t understand that the children who are being bullied by them have feelings and emotions in them too. People these days have started a trend to use words that are basically humiliating and insulting. The people who say these types of words don’t go and look the words in the dictionary and understand what they actually mean. I think the listeners of these type of words should ignore and do not think about the conversation that just happened with them. My grandfather always used to tell me, “Sweetheart, when someone humiliates or insults you, do not even think about them. Hold your head high and lead forward, they will kill to see you fall.

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” This guidance has helped me a lot, and I hope that my readers and viewers should follow this advice because it is very easy for us to listen from one ear and let it flow through the second one. The teens don’t understand that they once were kids too. What if the same happened to them? What if bullying happened to them too? Will they accept the torment that they are giving to the kids of today’s generation? Some kids take a stand against bullying but there is no action taken against it. In some parts of the world, when there is a stand taken against bullying and cussing words , they are threatened to take their police complaints back, FIR’s or any other threat that can be harmful to the people who take a stand against bullying. This topic is one of the major topics in which media, government, public, ministers, presidents and other people, who are responsible for creating peace, ask for liberty, ask and take a stand against bullying. Actually, I want people to take stand against bullying, create peace and pursuit of happiness.

I become really happy when I see someone taking a stand against that is really bad or something that requires an action that should be taken against it. Personally, I help and I take a stand. I do this because I have a feeling that today if I help a person, what if someone might help me tomorrow. There is a phrase that must be remembered by everyone living on this planet, “You give respect; you get respect”. This phrase tells us that people should be helped and you should help.

I need everyone, families, friends, kids and each person living on this planet to take a stand and speak up for any wrong action taken against a person. I would like to end my debate by asking what if you’re in trouble and someone might not help you? Think how would it be, you being helpless!