The World That Farming made

The era of the foragers lasted nearly 250,000 years. When that era ended the building blocks of modern society was created, farming. The most important things we need to know about the world that farming made are; culture, farming methods, and leadership.

If we don’t know these things society is bound to commit the same mistakes that the people of this time made. People need to know that when we finally stopped running around and started farming our culture changed drastically. We built more permanent housing and discovered the wonders of material possessions that before we had never had. All over people started growing more so much food that not as many farmers where need, thus the birth of specialized trade. For example in Egypt the people worshiped many different gods by many different names.

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All of these gods controlled a different thing not much unlike the Greeks. One god by the name of Ra was known as the sun deity (or god) he was thought to control the sun. The people made sacrifices, built monuments, and had special ceremonies to honor these gods. People also need to know about how people farmed. Once the idea of farming was developed we had to find a way to make it easier and quicker to do. Ancient Egyptians had simple farming tools such as winnowing scoops, hoes, rakes, flint-bladed sickles and ploughs, they had both hand ploughs and ones pulled by oxen.

The ploughs were used to turn the soil. They used most of these tools during the harvesting season. Before the Egyptians planted crops they had to wait for the fields ,located on the bank of the Nile, to flood. Reapers harvested corn, one of Egypt main crops, with wooden sickles. Another important part about the world of farming is the leadership.

Usually the pharaoh would pay the wealthy peasants to have slaves farm for them. The Pharaoh new of the importance of farming and usually gave food to the people before he gave food to the slaves. He hired slave handlers who kept the slaves in order. Everything is important about the world of farming but the most important parts in the world of farming are leadership, culture, and farming methods.