There Is No Formula For Greatness

Teachers. Their job is to mold the minds of students. What impression they make is in their hands.

Their power is immense, even though it may not be widely recognized. Students are the future. And who controls the students? Teachers. On one hand, a single teacher can completely change a student’s perspective on learning, their potential, and their future. They can inspire, motivate, and propel a student into a bright future through their lessons.

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Regardless of the subject matter, the teacher almost always “makes or breaks” students’ interests. On the other hand, a single teacher can destroy a student’s passion for learning. When presented with an unfair, difficult, or dispassionate teacher, in more cases than not, a student will begin to resent them and the class. Administrators wonder what makes a great teacher. And there is no answer because every student has a different agenda and considers different things great.

But the most that can be said is that as long as a teacher has passion, and they transfer that passion to their students, they are great. Passion inspires learning. Passion invokes motivation. Passion creates greatness. And with that passion comes everything a great teacher needs: Dedication.

Perseverance. Helpfulness. However, something that doesn’t come with passion is the ability to concede. Even if a teacher has passion, they need to be able to admit they are wrong. Some do not posses that quality—and as a result, they are portrayed as ignorant. The best teacher I have ever had started our first class with the statement, “You’re all smarter than me, I just know what’s coming next.

” Everyone makes mistakes, and teachers should realize that they do too. There is not just one way to be a great teacher, but many. And as long as a teacher gives everything they have to their students, they have the opportunity to earn the title of a great teacher.