They Help Us To Understand

The definition of a teacher is a person who teaches, especially in school. Now is that the definition of someone who helps, encourages, and will understand me? Or are they simply defining the meaning of someone who does not care, and will not understand me. I have realized from the past two years of middle school that students will non stop complain about how long the school day is, and trust me I have had my days where I feel like going home and sleeping. I practically tell my little brother every day that there is thousands and thousands of children who haven’t experienced one lick of education, people who will sacrifice their life for those who do not absorb the education they deserve. I believe students will enjoy their time at school and use it wisely if we do not apply the meaning of teacher as someone who teaches, but someone who will engage with each individual.

Towards the end of the day I begin to feel really tired, yet I rejoice in happiness from my teacher captivating each students eye’s helping us to understand the importance of our education by bringing fun, exciting and clever ways to inform us towards our subject. Now I don’t know about you, but this is the true meaning of a teacher.

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