Why Hate School?

Many kids often say that they hate school.

But the truth is, it is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.Did you know that two of every three high-school students in a large survey say they are bored in class every single day? In my opinion, I think school is very beneficial. However, school doesn’t just teach you how to learn math, reading, science, or history. It also teaches you many skills that you could use later in life. For example, kindergarten teaches you to stand in line and don’t talk when the teacher is talking. In real life, you have to stand in long lines at stores, restaurants, and many other places as well.

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When they teach you not to talk when the teacher is talking, they teach you manners and respect. If you had a boss at a job, but you always talked over her/him, then you probably won’t have that job for very long at all. School teaches you how to be a person with good qualities, you just have to pay attention and try. Yes, maybe not everything in school may interest you, but that doesn’t mean you should hate school. School educates you for when you get older and get a job.

The more education you have, the better job you get. For example, if you focus on your work, stay out of drama, find a fun way to study, work hard, and get good grades, school should be easy and fun for you. School doesn’t just make you smarter, it also turns you into a responsible adult. In other words, if you are reading this right now and you hate school, just remember that there are plenty of reasons why you need school, and why it will make you a better person.Do your work, try the best you possibly can and get good grades, you won’t only feel good about yourself and accomplish your goals that you have in life, but you will also have other people around you proud of you as well. I challenge you to write three school related, learning goals down that you want to accomplish by the end of the school day and actually accomplish them, then see how you feel about accomplishing them, afterwards.

(Do you feel good?)