Things No One Likes to Talk About

Part 1 :SEXISM. Confidence and dependency are major problems that women face within themselves.

The origin of these issues starts from the nature of women in general. Young ladies are introduced from cultural, religious, and familial aspects that they are lower than men in authority and ranking. Women were told to believe that without a man they won’t be able to do much in society, but that’s FALSE. Luckily, in the past few decades feminist women are making the world aware that women are much more then baby making machines and housewives but future lawyers, scientists, and doctors that deserve the same respect that men do. Although it is nice to have a Male partner in a heterosexual relationship, but there’s no reason for that same man to be dominant over his woman. On the other hand, as women, how do we raise the bar of asking men for respect, if women hardly respect each other? We focus largely on other people’s lives, minding their business, instead of building a wall of pride of womanhood in our self.

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How many of us are guilty of criticizing, or even commenting about another individual’s appearance, lifestyle or actions? Truthfully, we all are and that’s the reason why women have all sorts of internal conflicts like trust issues and self-esteem. If I had the opportunity to do anything within a free afternoon, I would organize a conference with females from different age groups, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds around the world to show the diversity of the different women that face similar types of internal issues of confidence and dependency.The name of the conference would be called: The Key to Sisterhood, to show the young ladies that participating in this event will help them gain knowledge on how to become a better sister to other women and encourage them while their confessing about their internal issues. The conference would be broadcasted on television to also help inform women who didn’t have the chance to be at the conference now they can walk away with knowledge and wisdom. The purpose of creating an event like this on an afternoon is to acknowledge that sometimes women don’t have to fight over the petty little things they do.

Building a sisterhood with other woman, can help improve a female’s self-confidence and diminish their sense of dependency on other people. They will gain an understanding that women in general are supposed to help build each other up while supporting the feminist perspective of equality with men. PART 2: RACISM There are many controversial aspects of racism that are questioned while being portrayed in modern life today. Numerous of our young black men in America are being stopped, searched and arrested at such an enormous rate. Law enforcements do spot checks on men called Stop and Frisk to see if they are carrying illegal weapons, drugs etc. even though their illegal to perform.

Stereotypically, based on statistics, they are most likely to target an African-American young man to frisk over a white man. Society themselves are starting to view these statistics and hold law enforcements accountable for enhancing the concept of racism against a specific ethnic group by targeting African-Americans specifically numerousof times compared to other ethnic groups. Many Factors such as the media, biases, stereotypes and statistics all play a factor on the reason why, African-Americans are stopped and arrested at such a high rate with a result of an increase of incarceration of blacks compared to other ethnicities. Now let’s be real, if we look America for then 70% of white and less than 20% is black. Now if we look at our percentages in prison, one out of nine black men will end up going to prison. If we look at files where many petty crimes such as petty theft, trespassing, petty comments to officers when intoxicated, being held with drugs etc.

,many blacks are given sometimes even triple the sentence deserved in the case or a forced confession due to the fact that the individual isn’t finically available to get a real lawyer to defend their innocence. Now, this does not mean that such wrongful acts don’t deserve to have punishments, but they do not deserve to have the same sentence as an individual who was a serial killer or a murder in general. In an article I had read a couple years ago called “To Combat Racism in Law Enforcement, Start Young” stated, “This educational void has consequences for law enforcement, especially when we consider that there is little to temper the widespread media images that link black skin and crime.”(Russell-Brown). She explains in this quote how the media is profiling negative aspects of African-Americans and how their linked to crime causing the social media to create a stereotypical profile of a black man to its viewers witnessing it. In addition, in the article it also states “What’s more, because of segregation patterns in housing, most whites do not have substantive daily interactions with blacks – they ‘learn’ about black through the media.

“(Russel-Brown). Based on this quote, you can typically witness how different factors affect how different ethnic groups view other ethnic groups. In addition, the segregation patterns in housingare used to an advantage by the law enforcement force by targeting African-Americans in a much higher rate due to the “probability” of a Black man being caught within a crime then a white man. Subsequently, These factors on why Law enforcements continue to frisk are encouraged due to lack of appropriate and knowledgeable information that isn’t presented within the social media with also the lack of training upon the different branches of law enforcement. If these branches of law enforcement were trained to investigate instead of jump to conclusions, cases like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and many more wouldn’t happen.

The cause of racism to play in effect of this controversial theory of how blacks or viewed is because there’s no one to actually reveal the truth that’s been sugar coated.