Thinking About the Future

“I should have furthered my education” is something I hear at many family gatherings from many relatives.

Since they did not attend college, life is difficult for them at times. I refuse to struggle the same way when I have the opportunity to do something great. I feel life has equipped me to handle college by giving me a tremendous motivation to go to college, having strong academic ability and working just as hard outside of school as I do in school. In determining whether or not to attend college, my mother has had a great influence in my decision. As a young girl, growing up without my mom around was upsetting to me. Like the tide she would come around only to drift away again.

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Hearing many times that she was in prison pushed me to work very hard in school. I knew that if I did well in school life would be easier and I wouldn’t go through what she went through. I aspire to be greater than she is. She’s almost fifty and has nothing to show for it. By the time I reach that age I want to accomplish my goals of having a family, a stable job and making some sort of difference in others lives. Going to college is a great start to do the things my mother didn’t.

Everyday in school I work hard to stay on a good clear path to college. The grades I earn are A’s and B’s. I don’t allow myself to get anything lower than that because it’s not satisfactory in my eyes. One instance that comes to mind is my freshman year algebra class. My teacher wanted us to know what we were getting in the class so she printed out our grades.

When I received mine and saw I had received a C I felt bad, like a little kid who knows they’ll be in trouble for breaking a piece of expensive furniture. So to make up for it I got help after school and made sure I understood everything before I left class. By the end of the year I had earned a B which I was proud of because my hard work paid off. The grades I have come from applying what I’ve learned and having a love of learning. Aside from making sure I do well in school, I spend time busying myself with things that are important to me.

Time I have once I’m done with homework is spent taking care of my nephew with cerebral palsy. I am the biggest help when it comes to making sure he gets fed, administering his medicines and helping him exercise. Although it can be a lot to handle, I do not mind doing these things for him because it brings me joy. He is the reason why I want to study pre-nursing at UIC. After taking care of him for seven years it is the main career I picture myself having.

My goal is to become a neonatal nurse one day and take care of babies the same way I took care of my nephew when he was an infant. Anything else wouldn’t have as much meaning. With everything life has given me to handle I want to spin it into something positive. I want to continue to be inspired by life and learning. I would also love to make my family proud. I do not want to look back on life and say “I should have furthered my education”.