This One Time At Band Camp

In conversation with friends, one talks about things that they enjoy.

Some may be able to talk about sports for hours, while others may prefer telling their buddies about how they have been trying to gain telepathic powers. When I talk with my friends, I enjoy sharing my experiences from band camp. If a friend has not been to band camp themselves, they will almost always stare at you quizzically with the old why-would-anyone-subject-themselves-to-that-face. After talking to some friends from band camp, I found that I was not the only one who evoked that reaction from my friends. The critical question: Why do people display negative emotions such as disgust when they hear the words ‘band camp’? The answer is simple: stereotypes.

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What most people do not realize, is that these ‘band geeks’ who go to ‘band camp’ are not the stereotypes that people believe them to be. When people hear the word ‘band geek’, they think of ugly, nerdy kids that hide behind their glasses and maintain social isolation by practicing their instruments for hours on end. Band geeks are more than this. In my experience, band geeks are social butterflies whom are attractive, lovely people with a passion for music. Because of society’s misconception of band geeks, they also have a misconception of what band camp really is. They think band camp is a labor camp in which children march from dawn till dusk, regardless of the weather.

Again, this is only a stereotype. In my experience, band camp is a place filled with more fun and friends than anywhere in the world. But if band camp is not a type of nerd convention, what is it? At band camps that do not emphasize the marching aspect, you are in classes from 3 to 5 hours a day. After classes, you can take part in many different activities such as yoga, frisbee, kayaking, swimming, or just fooling around with your pals. At night, there are hikes, karaoke specials, tenacious Twister tournaments, talent shows, ice cream trips, and even stargazing. During the week, adventures happen, making it impossible for you to not share some “One time at band camp…” stories with your friends back home.

The bonds you create at band camp are special. Soon, a family is formed. The camp director is like the head of the family, and everyone else is related in some way. From your sister to the weird uncle, you love them all because you shared the best experience of your lives together- band camp. After hearing one or more stories about band camp, many of the negative thoughts towards band camp have dissolved. My friends love to hear my band camp stories, and many even wish to attend my camp.

Despite the misconceptions, they see that band camp is not a drag that only nerds could enjoy, but a fun time for all who attend.