Thomas Green

Although Green is willing to achieve a high selling growth for the company, he concentrated too much on achieving the goal Instead of observing the surrounding situation. Moreover, Green did not have enough managerial experiences so he was not able to deal with issues based on a structural and long-term view: that’s why he decided to avoid interactions with Davis instead of making improvements or rebuilding his relationship with Davis after Davis first criticized him. Their divergence in work style and personalities also contributed to the problem.

For example, Davis refers using memos or presentations when a meeting is set up, while Green would rather talk to his client directly or talk about things face to face. In addition, lack of communication further deteriorated the situation between Davis and Green. Despite Green’s relationship with Davis as a subordinate, they were less connected with each other for their job progress and they didn’t communicate well. Lastly, the most important thing we need is trust when working in a company or collaborating with other people. The environment In Dynamic Displays lacked trust.

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On the one hand, Davis required his subordinates to keep him Informed of their progress and schedules.

On the other hand, Green didn’t trust Davit’s evaluation and he suspected that Davis had an intention to get rid of him. One of the problems that arose was the inconspicuous promotion of Thomas Green. Shannon McDonald promoted Green partially due to the fact that they graduated from the same college and were both from the same state. They shared a similar background, which gave McDonald more incentive to promote Green, although he lacked managerial experience.

The personal relationship between these two became another source of conflict, which altered Chanson’s Judgment.

Shannon also seemed to lack interest in Davit’s performance reviews of Green. To avoid conflict, she should have provided Green with suggestions on how to improve his work ethic. As described in the case, Thomas Green is a young graduate from the University of Georgia, with a Bachelor’s degree In Economics and a six-year work experience as an account executive.

Although Green has little experience, he aggressively seeks to advance his position In the organization, using Shannon to further his goals. Instead of pursuing the goals of the organization, he only looks out after his own personal gains.

Another problem of Green’s was his inability to connect with the organization and refusal to follow Davit’s instructions. Due to Green’s reluctant behavior, Davis was faced with a lack of documented numbers and failure to update his schedule accordingly. Therefore, he was unable to reach the goals of the organization.

Frank Davit’s problem Is that he feels that he Is much more experienced than Green due to his long career. Green challenges Davit’s position on the growth rate forecasts for the following year, calling them unrealistic and unattainable. Davis feels that Green is too inexperienced for his Justification.

One solution that could have avoided the problem is that Shannon could have put Green In the new position, allowing him to fully utilize his sales skills In interest of the organization. Also, she could have Individually spoken to Davis and Green organization’s goals.

Green should have received training so that he could understand the managerial skills needed for his position. In the case of Thomas Green, the best possible solution would be to set up a meeting with McDonald. As the company Vice President, it would be best for Green to speak directly to the head of the department, especially since it was McDonald herself who granted Green’s promotion.

In this meeting, it would also help for Green to request Frank Davis’ presence, so that there are no hidden or mixed messages between the two employees.

Judging from the three’s characters, it is easy to see why their current problem occurred. As vice president, McDonald became too trusting tit Green’s abilities despite only having minimal experience in the position he sought for. As an aspiring corporate leader, Green was all too confident in his ideas and determination to see any mistakes in his actions. Finally, as the marketing director (not to mention, the previous holder of Green’s current position) Davis’ was more eager to doubt Green rather than to trust him.

Collectively, each person made it difficult to have teamwork, and a sense of unity as a company. While Green recognizes the different options he has, nothing will benefit him more Han choosing to discuss his performance with his superiors. In doing this, not only will he be able to plead his case, but a personal and physical discussion of the problem would avoid the possibility of having his reasons misunderstood, something an impersonal note or email would do.

One of the contributing problems to their current situation is that Frank Davis has all but faith in his newly promoted subordinate. In telling Green to keep quiet of his forecasts being overstated, not only is Davis misusing his power as a superior, but he is also being close-minded.

When periods are reluctant in having their decisions challenged, subordinates are less encouraged to throw out ideas and suggestions. This is a reason why keeping quiet is not the best option for Green.

Although it may not be written that it is his responsibility to question his boss, Just because Davis is Green’s superior does not mean his forecasts are always accurate. However, Green should also approach the meeting as a chance to demonstrate his willingness to meet some of Davit’s demands. Green should come to the meeting prepared with some documented evidence of what he’s accomplished since his rumination, along with perhaps a factual presentation on why he believes that Davit’s projections are unrealistic.

Green of course needs to be careful not to offend Davis anymore than he has, but a meeting involving McDonald offers Green the chance to prove that he is not “negative and unenthusiastic” to a more neutral party. Instead of outright dismissing Davit’s projections, Green should offer what he considers to be more realistic. Given his background as an economics major that graduated summary UCM lauded, he should be more than capable of creating a quantitative report.

A face-to-face meeting with McDonald and Davis would also allow Green an opportunity to develop a stronger political position at corporate headquarters. Of all the deficiencies that Davis has outlined regarding Green’s performance, Green’s unwillingness to “play politics” seems to be what frustrates his superiors the most. Good or bad, politics are inevitable within human power structures, and Green needs to do a better Job of managing his relationships.

A meeting with McDonald and Davis better relationship with his superiors.