Through Knowledge, Opportunities

An old saying goes that knowledge is power, and It is very true. This is because gaining new knowledge allows one to do many things, because you now know many things. Because when you don’t know something it limits you, you can learn it though, which in turn allows you to effect the world more easily. You can do very little with knowledge that you do not know. It is in this way that the unknown controls you. In Short, it makes you less free.

An example,you do not go to college, you limit yourfuture employment opportunities. When or if you go to college though you are opening those future employment options allowing you more choice in your life. Of course going to college has it’s own set of limiters. Those being the money factor. Otherwise known as being in debt. Another example is when you can not drive a car it can be very limiting to you.

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What you can do with that situation is learn to drive. That in turn willallow you to drive eventually. This will save some of your time, and open new opportunities. Learning is really the only smart thing you can do, in response to not knowing something. Because well ignorance may be bliss, is can also be very bad for your health.

Case in point, when you do not know that you have a fatal disease you certainly are blissfully ignorant of the stress it would cause. Meanwhile knowing about the situation, while stressful, also means that you have the preferable option to get that disease cured, hopefully. When you do not learn about that which you do not know, you will find your options limited. An example being that when you do not know about other people’s cultures,you will fall back on what you do know. Which will most likely be stereotypes.

As most people know stereotypes are not always right and so you may make a fool of yourself. Which is not beneficial to your relation to these people. This limits you in those relations. Learning about the unknown will weaken its hold over you. By weakening the hold that the unknown has on you, you are more free to act.

For instance, when you know the layout of a maze. You can transverse that maze in a faster manner. This gives you more time to do whatever you want. Another example, is when you decide what to wear to an interview. When you go to an interview, a suit is usually a good decision. Because it show the interviewer that you are serious.

Deciding what to wear to work also affects who your bosses will see you. Did you know that wearing clothing that looks similar to your bosses, but not the exact same, will make them like you more. You should not wear the exact same thing as your bosses because that will make them think you are creepy.Knowing the impact your decisions can make allows you to make the choice that best suits you. The impact of these decisions can help you get to positions of power. This will allow you to have a bigger impact on the world.

When you don’t know something it limits you. When you can learn something it takes away those limits. When you take away those limits it allows you to have a bigger impact on the world.Knowledge must be learned, and doing so can be tiring.In the end though Learning is an important part of one’s own continued existence.