Thumps Up to EDP

EDP is a good idea for students to get work time and count as a class. Students need extra time to get projects and work done or take test/quizzes that they missed. Each student is assigned an EDP teacher their freshman year and has that same EDP teacher until their senior year is done. With EDP teachers are able to meet with students and talk about their grades or missing assignments. With this hour every Tuesday and Thursday makes a difference because it gives us time to get caught back up or make sure assignments are turned in. Many students take this time to work or get ahead in a class or two.

Some may disagree because they never have work to do or haven’t missed school so they’re not behind. However, this point of view is incorrect because many students do miss school or need more time to work or get caught back up. EDP is made so you can get caught up and have little or if no homework. If students are failing or need help the teachers will help and that shows that they want help when they ask, instead of sitting in EDP talking or goofing around. “EDP is a really good idea for students to get caught up in classes and check grades during a period at school so that they can ensure they are not failing,” said Amanda. “I think that EDP is really useful because at home it may not a good place to study and having a study hall here will give you a chance to study and work hard without being bothered” said Felisha.

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Other students in East High School, agree about EDP being a good idea for students having work time on Tuesday and Thursday every week. EDP is a time to get caught up, check grades or get help from teachers. EDP is a great class to have for students here in East High.