Time Flies

Everyone always says that high school flies by, well those people are right.

It is hard to imagine four years flying by, but it does. Many people who graduate high school have many regrets. They are disappointed in themselves for not getting good grades as a lower classman, not getting involved in activities, and not attending school events. My advice, don’t have any regrets after your high school experience is over, you are only in high school once. Getting good grades as a lower classman is all about hard work. All you need to do is keep up with all of your homework, study for your tests, and do all the extra credit that is given out.

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It is hard to think about the future sometimes, but it is important to plan. Having many college options is a good thing; wouldn’t you want to go to your dream college having very little debt? It all starts with getting good grades now. Involvement in activities makes a great high school experience. Not only does it make the days go faster, but it is also very fun. Participating in sporting events for example, is very electrifying. Playing in front of a huge crowd is very exhilarating.

Being involved in sports also allows you to connect with many different people, in different grades as well. My advice is to branch out, and try different things; you will be surprised how much fun you will have. One thing that distinguishes middle school from high school is better school events. Watching sporting events is something that is always fun. If you are ever board, I guarantee you that there is a sporting event going on at the school.

It is an easy way to have school spirit. Attending school events, like dances are always very fun as well. It helps you get involved with the school and meet new people. There are also school events for charity, so you are giving back to the community, and doing a good deed which is great! High school goes by very expeditious; don’t feel remorseful after your high school experience. Get involved in many school activities, work hard and diligently in the classroom, and attend as many school events as possible. In a blink of an eye, your high school experience will be over.

Make the most of it.