To Save a Life

You know that kid in your class, the one who is always alone? Or how about the one who is laughed at? Doesn’t talk to anyone? Did you ever think that maybe they need a friend to stop their thoughts of suicide? Suicide is the third largest cause of death for ages 15-24, surpassed only by accidents and homicide.

Teenagers have a tremendous pressure to fit in socially, to perform academically, and to act responsibly. says “A teen with an adequate support network of friends, family, religious affiliations, peer groups, or extracurricular activities may have an outlet to deal with everyday frustrations. However, many teens don’t believe they have that, and feel disconnected and isolated from family and friends. These teens are at increased risk for suicide.

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” I recently watched a movie called “To Save a Life”. In the movie, two best friends are inseparable throughout childhood. During freshman year though, one of the boys branched out to “popularity” leaving the other boy behind. The boy who saved his life and now is teased of a limp because of it. Three years later, the boy commits suicide in the school.

Mr. Popularity then changes his ways. Makes new friends, even one who considered suicide every day but stopped because of his new friend. I recommend this movie to everyone. Girls usually think and attempt suicide twice as much as boys do.

Girls also tend to cut themselves or overdose on medication when attempting suicide. Boys die by suicide four times more than girls do. They also tend to use more lethal ways of attempting suicide like hanging, jumping, or shooting. Some key warning signs are: talking about “going away”, talking about death, talking about suicide, feeling hopeless or guilty, pulling away from friends and family, lose the desire in favorite hobbies and activities, experience changes in sleeping or eating orders, and self-destructive behavior. Making friends with the kid, who is teased at, can save a life.