Too Much!

The article I am writing about is about school and college, and why they are making it difficult on us students.

In high school there are options to pick what classes you would want to take if its advance, honors, or ap . Some of us students stick with the advanced classes because its less stressful , some go on to the honors to be a little more challenged, and some do ap classes where they are worked hard and really ready for colleges. But I am noticing something. I am taking a few honors classes and normal advanced classes and im finding the work in the normal classes more hard and challenging. For example im taking chemistry this year, it is probably the most difficult class I have ever had to take! He assigns so much homework not thinking about the other homework we have in other classes and makes the work so hard, I feel like im in an honors class, but im not! Im taking honors world literature, I like my teacher a lot because he is really nice and pushes us, but he only does that to be better students.

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Right now I am failing his class because I just cannot work with the material he gives. The tests are the main reasons why im failing his class, im trying harder but I feel like nothing is working, im working even harder so I dont have to attend summer school or retake this class again next year. Moving on to my next topic which is colleges. I feel and even see that todays colleges are looking for too much and are being way to picky on the students they choose for their school. I know a ton of people at my high school with a 4.

0 gpa, play sports and still cant get a scholarship and even get into the college they want to be in. As you know the community colleges are packed with students because they are not getting accepted to any colleges and now not everyone in the community colleges are getting the classes they want and cant even graduate in 2 years time. Also there fund. Universities these days are raising the price for students to enter college leaving them in dept, most of them a good portion of their life because its too much to pay off. I feel that universities need to lower there standards and admission fees and also give those give those kids a chance.

If they don’t then I wouldn’t be surprised if their campus becomes completely empty. What I am trying to say is that schools and colleges are expecting too much out of the students these days. If schools reduce the load of work students are given everyday, their might be more students graduating with their class. Colleges need to be more understanding and accept the students that are hard working with great grades.