Traits of Life

Everyone I associate with always talks about have silky shoe game.

Whether it is coping the cold new Jordan Retro 11’s or the brand new KD 8, every sneakerhead wants a little slice of heaven. Going to the Footlocker or shopping online at Eastbay is like a little kid in a candy store. I try and find everything I like and tell my mom I want to buy it all. Then, coming back to reality, like the kid in the candy store, my mom says I have choose one. So I find the shoes that look as smooth as silk and that are colder than ice.

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When you find that pair, your mind start to say “I need to cope these, I need to cope these.”You verify that they have your size and you know you want them. I get the credit card from my mom and they are on their way. But the hardest part of ordering shoes online is upon you, waiting. You wait, and wait, and wait. Then you come home from school and the box is there! You tear open the box and see the fire that is coming out of it.

You see your silky shoes and you have to send them in all of your group chats. They approve and you are ready to wear them to school. You picture perfect day is now complete.