Transcendentalism in Death?

The topic of this is suicide and what is suicide? Suicide is many things it is hurt, betrayal and it is loss. Suicide is loss of your loved one, a friend, and a family member. Suicide is a way to just leave the world and never ever come back.

What in Transcendentalism is shown in suicide? Free thought is shown in Suicide and it is represented in many different ways. Suicide though is someone’s way to cheat death and God. It’s a way to escape a problem at the moment but not get to live to see the possibilities. Everyone in today’s society has either had someone close to them commit suicide or thought of it themselves. It affects not just one person but many because people do not realize how their words affect others.

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It still seems to be that if one person does commit suicide it’s no big deal how many people need to end their lives to prove a point? Free thought though is shown in acts such as suicide in the fact that the person had to pick up the pills and swallow them or shot themselves etc. The person who is committing suicide has to really be thinking only about them though. The reason that they are only thinking about themselves is because they do not realize who all is going to be affected by them committing suicide. Free thought is in the way of how they did put out signals and did try to speak out yet no one heard them. Also, the fact that they made a decision to commit suicide; on their own and not by another person telling them what to do.

Suicide today is so common. So many innocent people who have been bullied and abused have resorted to that choice and it’s not worth it. Imagine all the people who miss someone who committed suicide. That free thought they made to end their life ruined other people’s lives. Suicide is never a joke and the people who do it are not crazy they just wanted to be heard.