trying to get ahead….

School is where people in this world can pretty much get ahead. I know school is boring and people take it for granted but this is what will help the world and our economy.

This generation is very lazy and expects things to come to them without lifting a finger. But that’s not how to live. I know you live your life according to what you believe in, but people are doing exactly that and not doing a thing. WE are what make the world go round and WE are getting lazy and not doing anything. When people don’t try and get there education that’s what puts the world in pause. Kids are not getting the positive encouragement to do well in school, and i believe those are the things that encourage us to even wake up in the morning and get ready for school because we know we have someone there supporting us through it all.

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And as we go to college we should be our own ecouragments and thats when you take things very seriously because thats when we start to enter the world with our own eyes. So i just hope people will start to get ahead and never give up.