High School Survival Guide

Everyone’s parents told their kids going to high school that this is going to be the most fun 4 years of your life. As a middle schooler, I was ready and felt well prepared for High school. Upperclassmen made it sound amazing and told us how we should be excited to finally be able to go to another school. Although, now that I’m here I’m not so sure about the part of me being well prepared and ready.High school is great but it’s very common to feel foreign in a such a big school.

There are a few things that I wish I could’ve known ahead of time. I strongly suggest that any middle schooler who still is having mixed feelings about high school should read this. Now, 7th and 8th graders here is your advice coming from a freshman. Tie your shoes. I know this isn’t rocket science but it’s a mistake that many freshmen make.

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At the high school, you have to run up many and I mean MANY flights of stairs. If you are in the middle of walking up the steps with upperclassmen towering over you it could be very easy to step on your shoelace and fall. This could be very hard to live down. Before you know it for the rest of your 4 years you’ll be known as the puny little freshman who tripped in front of the star quarterback. There are many simple things that can make a huge difference in high school. Nap.

Eat breakfast every morning. It’s amazing that only 36% of high schoolers eat breakfast. You should remember every morning because it’s a great way to start your day off right. Have confidence in yourself. Know that it’s okay to have a few mental breakdowns.

Don’t care about what others think. Walk on the right side of steps. If it’s a blackout at a football game don’t show up in white. You need to think about things ahead of time. What’s better than having homework up to your chin? Some days you could have a ton to do and other days you can come home from school and get to chill and watch Netflix all day. So even it out. On the days where you have nothing start to work ahead. Unlike middle school, you can’t redo anything. So if you work ahead that will give you more time to study. You can NEVER be too prepared for class.

Make sure you work out before coming to school. Freshmen have the luxury of having their classes on the opposite side of the school. So you need to be ready to run with thousands of other kids that are slowing you down in 5 minutes. It’s ok to go in a different direction as your friends. This will apply when you have to select the courses you want to take freshman year. Some people might take 2 math classes.

Some people might take 2 English classes. You need to decide for yourself. Start learning to be independent. Juggling 7 classes each day can be difficult. Make sure you can handle everything mostly on your own. You have a lot of freedom as a student.

Decisions by the students, for the students, and with the students. I’m sure you have heard many different things from different upperclassmen. Everyone experiences high school differently. This year has been a long journey. I’ve messed up. I’ve learned.

I’ve succeeded. So YOU do what YOU want to do. You pick the classes you want to take. You hang out with who you want to hang out with. You do whatever you have to do to make high school fun.

Listen to a few of these reminders. But most importantly… Remember to tie your shoes.