Gen/105 Week 9 Student Survival Guide

Achieving my education goals has been made easier thanks to the educational resources provided to me by Axia College. There are many different types of programs available to me to assist in achieving success. Those programs are found in the Center for Writing Excellence which is located in the student library. The first of these services available in the Center for Writing Excellence is Write Point. This program allows me to submit my papers for review before I turn them in.

During this review the program provides feedback on basic grammar usage and also provides suggestions on how to make the writing better.This is a wonderful tool for someone who has weak grammar skills. Next is the Plagiarism Checker. This program lives up to it title by checking for plagiarism. Plagiarism is easiest defined as stealing or copying someone else’s work and trying to pass it off as your own.

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Plagiarism is a very serious offense in my opinion. This program is specifically designed to keep you from plagiarizing someone else’s work. Once you submit your paper to the Plagiarism Checker it will provide you with feedback to let you know if any portion of your paper has been plagiarized.If it comes back identified as plagiarism it is our responsibility as students to either submit a reference paper citing the original author or rewrite that portion of the paper in original words. Another program found in the Center for Writing Excellence is Tutorials and Guides. This program helps me in understanding principles of grammar and also some formatting guides for different types of writing.

Something that I enjoyed within this program is the fact that you can read about a certain grammar principle and then take a quiz which allows me to know which area in need to concentrate on more.Academic honesty is something else that is very important to me. By being honest academically it allows me to grow more intellectually because it gives me a sense of confidence. An example of academic dishonesty would be plagiarism. If I felt the need to plagiarize someone’s work it would not be very honest and could result in strict punishment. This is not something that will help me academically because by plagiarizing I really haven’t learned anything on my own.

I have learned that it is definitely always better to be honest.Something else that is going to assist me in achieving success academically, professionally, and even personally is effective goal setting. It is important to set goals in your life and you should always have at least one goal set at all times to keep you moving forward in life. Something that I have learned is that it is easier to accomplish your goals if you break the main goal down into several smaller goals. You should also always have a time frame set for each individual goal. Make sure that these smaller goals are realistic and obtainable within the time frame that you decide to set.

If for some reason an obstacle presents itself, don’t get discouraged, life is full obstacles. It’s okay if you have to move one goal to the back burner because another one has suddenly become more important. Time management is also something that I need to keep in mind. If I don’t manage my time wisely it will be very easy to fall behind on school work, job related duties, and stuff that needs to be done at home. This is a task that will probably take some time to master. After all, finding enough time in a day to get everything done seems to be a challenge for everyone.

I believe that educationally, as long as I set aside at least one hour a day I will be able to stay on top of things and not fall behind. If for some reason I do fall behind, I will adjust for more time in the future. Career wise, as of right now I am only working part-time and it’s a pretty easy job so it is difficult to fall behind. I do plan on finding another job in the near future and I’m sure that time management will need to become a bigger part of my life. Keeping that in mind while in search of a new job, I believe will make adjusting easier.Fostering reading comprehension and retention is going to be a big part of my academic success.

In order to master this skill I need to remember to use the SQ3R study technique. SQ3R stands for survey, question, read, recite and review. By surveying before I read it gives me an idea of what I am going to be reading about which will prepare my mind for what it is about take in. Asking questions and then answering them as I read will help information stick in my mind. When I read something, I need to remember not to get frustrated because I’m obviously not going to remember everything the first time.

It’s okay to have to read things more than once. Also if I recite and review things over and over it will help me retain information as well. The more I use the SQ3R study technique the more comfortable I will become in reading. By doing this routinely it should help me improve my study skills and my academic success. Identifying my learning style has allowed me to make more effective decision in choosing learning strategies.

By identifying my personality type has helped me evaluate the way I react to people and situations. There are two assessments available to help figure out your learning style and personality.The first is Multiple Pathways to Learning which is based on Professor Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory that focuses on peoples learning strengths and preferences. The second is The Personality Spectrum based on the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory which identifies which personality type you have. It is my opinion that as long as I take the skills I have learned in this class and apply them in my future I can become a success.

I will allow this student survival guide to remind me of all of these things as I continue down my educational path with Axia College, in my career, and in my personal future.