Final Project Student Survival Guide

Final Project Student Survival Guide As an accounting major, I know that I must complete several courses that will better prepare me to meet the challengers of the field of study.

In so doing, I will take major courses specific to accounting such as Financial Accounting, as well as support courses such as Skills for Learning in an Information Age which has help me to prepare to complete my program of studying using skills that are vital to college success.In developing an action plan for my future studies, my ability to use and find resources, ability to author my own work, knowledge of how to set attainable short term and long term goals, ability to budget my time, improve my reading comprehension and retention and my recognition of my individual learning style and personality strengths will grant me the opportunity to complete my course of study. More than anything, the application of all of these techniques have afforded me the opportunity to develop greater self-discipline and allowed me to become more efficient n my study habits.Overall this course has internalized the concept of what it takes to be a student. Using Axia College’s Educational Resources Not only has GEN/105 helped me to understand more about distance learning, I have learned more about strategies to help me be successful in completing my program of study using Axia College’s Educational Resources I come to understand that in the future I need more written texts, versa audio resources. What truly will be useful to me are the things I learned such as how to use online database for research.

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For example, I can use EBSOhost to find articles on just about any subject. I know that I will be completing research projects as I complete my degree requirements. As a component of writing essays and research papers, I will download articles by using keyword searches and I will identify key information within articles. Furthermore, after completing my degree, as I work in the field of accounting I will use the skills acquired to stay abreast of information in accounting and researching information and problems that may arise as I work with clients and stay current in the field.As we live in this age of technology changes occur more frequently and being able to use the skills of Axia College’s Educational Resources will help me to be aware and informed about such changes. Upholding Academic Honesty The basic for all education is freedom of thought.

This freedom can only be achieved through academic honesty. True scholarship or the advancement of knowledge can only be achieved through a collaborative effort of the students and instructors. What seems to be the key is that students and instructors engage in an ongoing and open communication about the student’s work.As academic honesty policies are spelled out clearly in both written form as well as verbally to the class, I will be accountable for the integrity of all work submitted. I will follow set guidelines for each assignment. As David Thomas points out in Encouraging Academic Honesty Toolkit; “while temptation is to focus on detection, encouraging honesty depends on focusing on not letting the problem happen”(Thomas 2005).

My plan is to get a clear understanding of each assignment and take responsibility for adhering to the instructor’s expectations and the honor code of the university as I complete and submit assignments.Again, the focus of academic honesty should be on prevention and the positive aspects of responsibility, personal development and learning(Thomas 2005). The integrity that I will display at the university is the same integrity that I exhibit in my professional career and all other aspects of my life. Open and honest communication between students and instructors, which includes asking and answering questions, giving and receiving positive feedback and developing positive work strategies will strengthen academic honesty. As an online learner, I will avoid the following throughout my studies 1.

Plagiarism . Falsifying or inventing data 3. Assistance by another person that violates academic policies 4. Use of material purchased online Steps in preventing these issues 1. Attend an orientation or workshop on academic honesty 2.

Complete exercises/practice on using methods of giving acknowledgement in using ideas of scholars 3. Do independent reading on research methods 4. Seek out the advice of instructors on writing papers. Setting and Achieving Goals The following are short and long terms goals I have set for myself and how I plan to achieve them: To Earn a Bachelors of Art degree in AccountingIn order to receive this degree I must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours through a four-year pre-determine course of study. Accounting degrees must have between 54 and 60 hours of core accounting classes.

Eighteen to 21 of these credits may be elective courses in the accounting business field. I will earn a minimum grade of C- for each course. This goal will be moderately difficult because I am working full-time and only attending school part-time, which will increase the amount of time will take to earn my degree. Listed below are short-term goals I expect to accomplish . Attend workshops in Interpersonal skills 2.

Learn time management skills 3. Attend Math workshops/labs 4. Obtain a part-time job in accounting office to gain experience I will accomplish these goals by using time management skills, staying focused and composing a resume which will lead to a part-time job or full time job in accounting. To become a Certified Public Accountant In order to sit on the exam (AICPA) I must have a minimum of 150 credit hours earned in college coursework. This requires me to earn my bachelors and master’s degree to meet the requirements.

The state accountancy board ensures that the minimum number of core accounting courses is earned in each degree before the exam. This goal will be moderately difficult and it does align with my values. Listed below are several short-term goals I will accomplish in a short time: 1. Attend workshops in tax preparation 2. Attend different math workshops 3.

Take additional classes in economics I will attend and complete at least two different workshops, labs or classes within the next six months or least before the semester ends.I will accomplish this goal by budgeting my time, staying focused and being determined and consistent. Managing Time Wisely In establishing a career in accounting my priorities will be to complete my degree, complete the requirements to be a Certified Public Accountant and eventually open my own office. I will establish a contract for myself which will include time logs that I will feel compelled to adhere to. These time log will force me to remain organized, focused and keep me on a steady pace.In order to reach my long term goal of completing my degree and finding a job in the field of accounting, I know I must set and complete some short term goals.

These goals will include completing all assignments for support courses and major courses passing them in on time. With degree in hand and soe of the short range goals accomplished, I will continue using time management skills in the working world to climb the corporate ladder. Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention I will use the SQ3R study technique to help me maximize my reading comprehension skills and retain information I study for each course.This will involve me looking over the title, headings and subheadings, captions under pictures, charts, graphs on maps to try to predict what the topics are about then questioning who, what, when, where, why, and how using each heading and subheading to prepare my mind to read for the answers. Afterwards, I will read closely and connect what I already know to any new material to understand the material.

I will stop reading before I get to far into the material and say aloud or to myself in my own words what the material is about. I will do this at different intervals.Finally, I will review the material again, highlighting key words and major ideas to pull together all the pieces of the material to gain understanding. Applying Personality and Learning Styles According to the Multiple Pathways to Learning Assessment and Personality Spectrum Assessment, my personality type is one of a giver and my strongest intelligence is Interpersonal. I seem to work better in groups, especially those made up of individuals with different learning styles and levels of knowledge.

I will organize on an online study group.