Should High and Middle School Students have to get up at 5-6:45am or 6-7:30am to go to School

Should high school students have to get up at 6 a.m.

every week for 5 days a week just to go to school when a little kid that has less challenging homework gets up to get ready to go to school at 7-7:45? Teens are up later and have a more active life style than say an elementary school student that is just going into the 3rd grade and to have these active life style teens need more sleep to have enough energy to get them through the day. Many teens today are struggling in school because they can’t stay focused because they don’t get enough hours of sleep. Students these days are getting more challenging homework but most Students aren’t getting enough time to get in the daily recommended amount of sleep and studies have shown that elementary school student that get up at 7-7:45 have more energy than is needed to get thought their day while teens who get up at 5:45-6:35 have less energy than that that is needed to get through the day. Today’s teens have a more active lifestyle because more teens can drive and teens are more based around their friends and now most teens are at movies, the mall, restaurants, and Starbuck having coffee. Also teens have stuff to do after school like Play practice and sports, cheerleading, clubs, and other after school activities. And to do all of these activities teens need to get a good nights rest every night not just on the weekends and the days off.

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Some people may say that it is the elementary school student that need to get up at 7-7:45 because they are just little kids and they don’t need to wake up at 6-6:35 in the morning. If you want to help your teens get the sleep they need and help them do better in school contact your local School board and ask for them to change the time teens have to go to school.