High School Students Should Study Tupac

High school students should study tupac because most students is inspired by his duality and he’s a young activist.tupac was born in New York City.He grew up in primarily in Harlem.

He moved to baltimore when he found out his mother was abusing drugs and getting beat on by her boyfriend at the time. At the age of 17 tupac was going to baltimore school of arts where he met jada pinkett smith and they became good friends. While tupac was their be came interested in music and poetry. Students should study tupac for his awesomeness. High school students should study tupac because he was a young activist.

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How was tupac a young activist? Tupac was a young activist in so many ways.the first organization he joined was North East Community Organization know as NECO.Tupac was also apart of the “Yo-No”anti-gun violence campaign which was led by community activist Truxon Sykes.tupac became familiar with the controversial activist through his little sister, Setchua.Tupac found a voice when he went to the baltimore school of arts.

Where he felt there shouldn’t be a thing called physical education Most student is inspired by tupac’s duality. Some people may say tupac was a “THUG” but in the inside he was very 2-sided.His duality makes him complex and interesting.we can learn from his mistakes.When he was younger he lived in poverty.

I feel poverty changed tupac a lot he was younger.when he got out the ghetto, he was happy that a ghetto kid like him was making money on his own not selling but by entertaining people around the world with his music. Tupac had that type of mentality where he wanted more for himself and he accomplished his goal.