High Schools Should Teach Tupac

The things Tupac experienced in his childhood, having a drug addicted mother, being the child of two important black panthers, and never really having a stable situation.

Never giving you time to piece your life together or make your mark somewhere. These things happen to kids all over the world everyday. Therefore High school students should study Pac because his story is very relatable to the lives of kids today and there’s a lot we can learn from him. How he dealt with these situations and how they influenced the person he was and his career, are all things we can reflect on. Both the good and bad situations. High school students should study Pac because his life is like taking a look at another black kid in the ghetto.

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How he made it out the struggle coming from where he comes from is almost inspirational. “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” a poem he wrote in high school sending a message about how somebody somewhere in a ghetto neighborhood makes it out of a difficult situation overcoming the doubt and adversity along the way is example used for kids in any struggle. There are kids with mothers that are unable to provide and kids that never really get a chance to fit in where they are because of moving situations. Pac has been through it all, the only difference is he found something to help him look besides that, something to help relieve him from all the anger and pain. Kids can look at that and find something that relieves them from any pain or anger or whatever they are feeling.

Another thing that is key to learning from Pac is a piece of his childhood. Tupac shakur is the son of two black panthers. This is something that built him to be the person we know him as of today. The panthers stood up for blacks in the late 50’s through the 80’s. So it was kind of inflicted upon Pac not to be somebody who was quiet about his opinions on society. As a kid he seen his stepfather, Matulu Shakur get sentenced to jail time.

He also had to move around a lot because both of his parents were pretty much wanted anywhere they went, but even through all of this he became somebody we look at as the G.O.A.T of rap. He didn’t let things get to him he stayed focused. When he was moving out of NY he remained focused, and when leaving Baltimore it was the same thing.

High school students can look at pac and see that no matter the situation, you have to remain focused on what’s important. Ok now in all honesty there’s not a kid at any school located america that truthfully want’s to learn about people like Shakespear or Galileo or any past president. Not that these topics are not worth learning because there’s a lot you can learn from. It’s just a topic that doesn’t grab the attention of the youth today. First off it’s not at all relatable with the simple fact that all these people lived centuries before us and back then they didn’t have things like technology. And finally there stories are boring.

Nobody wants to hear the same story about a boy who cut up wood and became the president and fought for our independence. Now Tupac Shakur, this story is more of aninteresting topic. Pac’s story is cool to us because it’s something we can relate to. He had to deal with his parents not being there from time to time, there are kids in america still going through that. He was an idealist, he had ideas an opinions on how schools should operate and how the world should operate. There are teenagers that feel we should go along with those changes.

My overall point is schools all over should learn about Pac. his story can be a reflection to the lives of kids today. I feel as if some high schools should look at his entire life instead of just looking at him as a rapper because his lyrics make him seem like a bad influence.