Tupac: The Most Influential Black Rapper

Tupac Shakur was an influential black rapper that had different perspectives on the way black people “look” to the white people of the world. Tupac is a good topic to study in school; he gives a different look on the school’s regular basic studying of English. Instead of Shakespeare, which is universal, we get a black influential new/modern era Malcom X. Tupac’s habit of reading allowed him to fill his raps with sharp observations about the world around him. His lyrics not only gave him depth but influenced his fellow rappers.

Basically Tupac is saying that the more you read for a purpose the better your literacy will be, to help you influence the rap perspective differently. This means Tupac wanted/wants a different perspective on the way black people are. Tupac wanted to give the people a look of a smart educated black man who has the knowledge of the white man. Tupac has 2 different personalities that he expressed through his life. Tupac had the thug life personality that everyone knows of.

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And the educated personality that you knew about when he was young. Tupac’s meaning of thug life is t (the) h (hate) u (you) g (gave) l (little) I (infinite) f (f***) e (everybody). He basically showed that personality in his interviews and music, but also in his music is still his educated side. When Tupac had move to Oakland that’s when he started learning the “game”. When a young adult Tupac was all about starting different programs and being respectful to the ladies but Tupac contradicts himself. This is why people might think he is not worth studying because he contradicts himself.

Tupac is influential to the black people and shows them that even though your black you can be educated and grind in a different way instead of getting s*** basically handed to you and getting away with crimes because you’re white.