Tupac’s Contradictions

What do you think makes Tupac Tupac?Well Tupac was well known for his contradictions. A contradiction is where someone says something butdoes something that means something totally different than what they said. Tupac Shakur would show a thug image and on other occasions he would have an idealistic poetic image. In his raps he was misogynistic while in his poems he was always loving and caring.

Almost anyone can almost forget that Tupac Shakur was a loving caring person just as well as he was a thug.. Tupac Shakur States “I hope u heard me when I asked u that night 2 be my wife Not for this year or next But mine for all your life 2 accept me when i sin and understand me when i fail Not 2 mention standing the rain which comes down as hard as hail I am Tupac’s poetry is impressive because it is subtle. Michaelc Erich dysen states he presented an impressive poem that intelligently detailed his love for a girl. In Holler If You see Me Dysen is saying that Tupac’s poetry is intelligent and has many details.

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In conclusion I think that Tupac Shakur is worthwhile to study.Tupas persona and how he can form himself is something that i think people now and days need to know. This can show people that they can always be who they want to be around other people.not the best of men My faults could scare the night But my heart is always pure 2 my wife 4 life” Wife 4 life. In other words Tupac talks about his love and how he fails to love someone. Tupac states “Everybody’s at war with different things…I’m at war with my own heart sometimes”.