Thug Activist

High school students should study some things that are relievent, right? Throughout high school we learn about Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Mandela, and so on, but why aren’t schools learningabout someone they can relate to or someone they will more than likely become? The top person I’m thinking about is Tupac. Tupac was born in New York and was a young rapper. This wide eyed rapper had some great things to say about things that were going on in this messed up world.

Tupac was a young activist, had a split personality(like most of us), and tried to do something about all the racism and violence in this world.Students should study Tupac because he is like us. So, what I want you to do is think about everything bad you know about Tupac and throw it away. That’s right, I said throw it away. Why? Because Tupac wasn’t all bad and wasn’t all against the world. In fact did you know Tupac did a lot to try to change our world for the better? I know shocker right, anyway when Tupac was only just a young teen like you and me he joined an organization called NECO.

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NECO is North East Community Organization. Basically what this organization was about was for anti-gun affiliation and it also helped to fix things in his community. In Holler If You Hear Me, Eric Dyson states “A curiously well-informed and experienced old leader.”Tupac was not always seen as an outlaw by everyone because for most of his life he drove himself to make a difference. Have you ever met someone or found yourself with a bit of a split personality? Look, we all know teenagers are the most people to have a multi personality on the face of this planet.

You know when you are with your friends you act one way but with your family you act another and so on and so forth.Well, Tupac was actually the same way. This is why so many people call him Thug Angel. Tupac’s duality was one of the greatests personality swaps in hip-hop.Tupac had a gangster side that’s all hard and rough around the edges but he also had a side where he has a heart of gold and wants to fix the world.

Dyson states ” Far from being the insolent “gangster” that press put forth, Tupac was a committed and fearless visionary.” Growing up he was a caring young activist but once an adult he became a gangster hungry for money. Tupac was one of the greatest rappers that have ever lived, but sadly his music actually only blew up after he was shot and killed. In his music, he talked a lot about the problems in the world. Some of his songs tell the depressing tail of his life growing up. Before Tupac started getting into the rapping and singing, he was really into poetry.

I can see how his poetry corresponds with his music. I feel as though Tupac saw poetry as miniture songs in order to help him get his voice out there and for him to vent to himself and to keep himself on level. So anyway, Tupac is totally worth studying. Don’t you agree? I mean he connects with us and he represents us. We might as well study someone who we will more than likely become. Tupac was a young activist, had a split personality and tried to do something about all the racism and violence in the world.

“I’m gonna make them feel the fire like Ima feel the fire and that’s real and if you don’t understand that then you don’t understand the black thing.” -Tupac Shakur