Creative Writing

This semester, I believe I have greatly improved my writing skills.

This course has taught me not only how to write better, but how to use my imagination a lot more. While writing in my journal, I had to think of what to write very quickly and complete it in a short period of time. I feel like this has helped me develop my writing skills a lot more. I have done a ton of writing throughout my life, but writing creatively for an entire semester was very new to me. Although I never liked poetry that much, I definitely improved my poetry skills throughout this course.

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Since I was young, I have been given prompts to write about. I always thought of myself as a pretty good writer, but having to come up with a piece of writing all by myself seemed to be a bit of a challenge at first. I wasn’t sure what I should write about for some assignments. This course taught me how to think deeply about what I’m writing and to use my imagination to create stories. This has opened me up to a whole new style of writing. I always got some pleasure from writing, but now that I can use my imagination and create decent stories I have a much better understanding of writing.

Being given short periods of time to complete a section of writing has challenged me to use my imagination while writing and to think quickly in order to come up with a story or a piece of writing. Although I have never been the best at poetry, I feel as if I have improved a lot. I never had a true understanding for poetry. Some poems just didn’t make sense to me, especially the way they are set up. After creating a poetry book and writing tons of poems, I feel much more confident. I now understand that poetry is a free way of writing to express anything you’re thinking or feeling, just in a shorter form instead of an essay.

I was never any good at poetry until I was given several examples and steps to writing it. The amount of practice I got in class really helped me improve as well. Now that I have taken the creative writing course, I feel much more confident as a writer. I believe the amount of practice I got in and out of class with the many different types of writing has helped me a lot. I feel much more confident writing anything.

A few types of writing that I feel much more confident in are poetry and composing a clear essay. This course has also helped me use my imagination while writing. Instead of being given a prompt to write on, I was forced to use my imagination to compose pieces of writing.