creative writing portfolio

I was placed in Creative Writing class because of some trouble I had gotten into while being an Office Aide. I did’nt have a clue on what this class was about until my first day in it.

Everytime I will go in the class and was asked to write a story about myself or a poem I was thinking, is this for real? To be honest, this was not a class that I would have chosen for elective. I try to stay away from writing as much as possible, I feel that I grown a lot since being in Creative Writing, not just as a writer, but as a person. I’m the worst person when it comes to grammar and spelling. My plans after High School is to play Football for Alabama State University. I’m already enrolled in their Bridge Program for the Summer, this program consists of learning the basic Reading, Grammar, and Math, while there I have to write an essay with 3-5 paragraphs about my future plans.

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I have grown as a writer in many areas, for instance, I’m learning to write sentences that actually make sense, and my spelling have been getting better as I write and look over my work when I get done. I have no strenghts as a writer, But I’m willing to committ some time to writing and put an effort in it. Being in this class have taught me alot. I have a lot of weaknesses, for instance, my grammar is very poor, I spell words incorrectly, I don’t know how to start or stop a sentence and I’m very slow in finding a topic that I can write about, but its getting better. It is important that you know how to read and write.

Creative means using your brain, and anything you do to use your brain improves your intelligence and helps you to learn how to think better. This course helped me to write better. Practice makes perfect, even though I did’nt like this class in the beginning, it grew on me and now I find myself writing something, whether its a letter or just a short note. The selected pieces of my writings that I choosed to pt in my portfolio, was my goals of becomming a NFL player, how I like to play basketball with my father and brothers, in my spare time I love listening to music, and most of the time I’m being a comedian around my house. The reason why I choosed to write on my goal to be in the NFL, because was my dream since I was a little boy, I played Football since I was three years old. The other piece about me liking to play Basketball with my father and brothers, this is my second passion.

Every Saturday myself, my brothers, and my father get together at my father job to play basketball. The next important thing that I enjoy doing on my spare time is listening to music, I love all kinds of music. I listen to Rap, Rhythm and Blues, Pop, and even Rock and Roll. The fourth and last thing that I want to mention is the times when I’m being a comedian around my family and friends, I enjoy cracking on people and just telling jokes. The pieces that I wrote about, shows people who I am and what my interests are.

Most people that knows me, can say that I’m an all around type of guy. I grew as a writer after being in Creative Writing class, I learned that I can do it, I’m actually writing about something that I like writing about, its not that hard. I learned that what I think about can be placed in writing from my own thoughts. I got my ideas from studying different essays that was written by other individuals and their techniques on writing. Creative Writing helps me to focus more.