Credo of my Writing

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney Ever since I was a young boy, I was a creative person. At age 8, we all enter second grade. For me I was just moving back to this school district and a new elementary school.

Our first assignment was “What is your favorite subject in school and why?” Grabbing a piece of paper, I began to write. The words flowed from my brain, through my body, and down to the tip of my pencil. One story was a young boy who hated learning how to write, but wanted to be an author and write stories. At a second grade level of writing, you hear from teachers often this comment, “You write how you talk.” Over these past six years, I finally learned what that meant.

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One example would be, “I got no clue where that boy is at?” That sentence has slang, poor structure, and incorrect grammar. It would work in a conversation with friends, but never in an essay. I learned to improve my grammar, change my writing style, vocabulary, details, and sentence structure, so that I can make my writing reflect how I have grown as a writer. This second sentence about the same boy changes the whole feeling and meaning, “I have no idea where the boy could possibly be.” It is more grammatically correct, uses no slang, and is formed in a complete thought.

I no longer write like I speak. I spent a much of elementary school cruising through all the classes with all A’s and B’s. I never had to worry about writing because my creativity covered for my grammatical and sentence structure issues. Things changed drastically when I entered sixth grade at Terrill Middle School. I learned to use proper grammar, expand my detail and vocabulary, and changed the way I structured my sentences.

Using those skills, I could turn a single thought into an entire paragraph. or page of my topic. My ability to use these new skills expanded my effectiveness in communicating my topic. I dreamed that I could grow and improve. That dream was made true.

I also was able to be more creative to the reader. Finally, now in eighth grade, the expectations of my writing abilities were raised to the highest level they have ever been. Teachers expected me to do things like write long assignments, send in first and second drafts, do different types of essays, when in all the years before me, the expectation was much more simple. I have to admit I was overwhelmed and confused by the huge step forward change in expectations. During the first quarter, the pressure was killing me! I tried to use what I knew to get by, and it worked to some extent. Unfortunately this wasn’t going to cut it second marking period.

I tried to use the same techniques of using what I already had learned, but it was barely worked and I just got by with a B-. I knew I was sinking fast. By third quarter, it all went down hill and I hit the wall. I should’ve expanded my circle of skill set and taken in more knowledge of the things I was being taught, but I couldn’t seem to grasp it fast enough. My final grade for that quarter was a C, and I was smashed with disbelief and anxiety. Finally, it’s the fourth marking period.

WIth the help of a few people, much work, and time, I put all the pieces together and just did what my dad says to me. “Focus and try you best! then you’re a winner!” I saw a vision in my head of what I wanted, a DREAM, and was going to shoot for it, to the best of my ability. Now, I am writing this as I reflection on my past writing experiences. I have come a long way, from a boy who ‘writes’ likes he talks to a young man I am today: A writer with a vision of much more. In the beginning of the story, I told you about a story I wrote. That story was about a young boy who hated writing, but wanted to be an author.

That boy, was me. The quote I picked was, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” I believe that if you try, days, weeks, months, or even years, than you can achieve your goals. I believe that I can love writing and enjoy writing. My hope is that this quote to me is about if you try your best, you can do anything you want, as best as you are meant to.

I changed from a young naive writer, to a powerful teenager who knows how to write. The thing I want is to be a good writer, and based on this year and all my past years, I achieved my goal.