Writing Habits

Although I rarely write papers, I find it extremely frustrating and difficult when I do have to write them. When I’m writing I tend to get easily distracted by everything that is going on around me.

Even when I am in a quiet place by myself I still somehow get distracted whether it?s tapping my pencil, clicking my pen or even playing with my hair.I also find it hard to come up with words and sentences that are coherent and make sense and often get ?writer’s block?. Although I have these writing habits, I have found ways that have helped me through them. There are many ways that can help one overcome or reduce habits. One main thing I learned to help me with my distraction habit is that accepting your distractions can actually benefit you. One thing that helps me with distraction is by planning out how much of my paper I am going to get done in a certain amount of time.

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For example; I will make a schedule where I will get two paragraphs done in one hour and then I get to rest or do whatever I want for the following hour. This helps me cut down on distractions by rewarding myself and knowing that as soon as I finish the amount I set, I can get on my phone, watch tv, etc… Another thing that helps me with distraction is by listening to classical music. This helps because it distracts my brain enough where I don’t get distracted by other objects, but still allows me to focus on the content of my paper. Trying to figure out words and sentences to make a paper flow is one of my biggest downfalls. I also frequently get ?writer’s block? when writing papers. However, I have found a couple of things that help me with this problem.

One solution is to write an outline. Writing a full sentence outline significantly helps me organize my thoughts and makes the paper flow more smoothly. This also allows me to glance at my main points and supporting information to make sure my paper is proportional. Another thing that helps me when I get frustrated is to take a step back and come back to writing my paper after a while. This allows me to take a break and let my brain generate new thoughts that I might not have been able to think of before. I sometimes have someone else read my papers and see what ideas they come up with as well.

Overall the solutions I have came up with have significantly helped me reduce my writing habits and has improved the quality of my work. Writing can be a very difficult, frustrating and even tedious task, but when you follow some simple steps you can make writing seem like a lot easier task.