7 Habits of Effective Teens

I will be introducing you to a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey, to include; I will also bring up all of the habits he has written and also the moral of them. He writes about establishments teenagers should have in order to live in the real world. This book has become one of the best selling books of all time. He based his works off of his father’s previous books he wrote several years ago called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

He owes the book for its success in him, his brothers and his sisters. For the very first habit I will explain it to you, it is called: Be Proactive. Proactive means to think before you do an action and to also establish disciplines in your life. Having proactive thinking will help you in the long run. If you don’t think before you do something it will label you as a disrespectful being rather than a respected one.

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An example of proactive thinking is having forgiveness, ignore irrelevant causes and give the person a second chance or politely confront a person and placidly confront him or her.I actually established this with my self, because, I always get into arguments with my brother and it wont help to keep going back and forth bickering about nonsense, so I decided to leave it behind, go to my room and reminisce. The second habit is called: Begin with the End in Mind.What it means is that you should plan a layout before you do something. To include, a way you can have a mindset like this is to plan what you’re going to do in your life. You have an unalienable right on what you want to do while living on- this earth, you get to either choose to be homeless or living in poverty or either having a degree with a good paying job.

I have had this habit in my life since I was in the sixth grade and I will continue to stick with my course until I change my mind on my own. Basically everyone has a plan for life—even if it is bad or good. The third is called: Put First Things First. The purpose for this habit is to help you prioritize better instead of being a procrastinator and or slacker. If you prioritize it will establish better grades. In my opinion help boost your confidence in turning in things on time.

If all of humanity didn’t put the important things first, the world would be very disorganized. On weeks of school I have a hard time putting the important things first because I get easily distracted but a way I began to apply it to myself for now on—the more important things you complete means a stress-free life. The fourth habit is called: Think Win-Win, It is the way you actually get alone with people or how people benefit from a situation. It is a system of benefits and there are only four of them, they are called: Win-Win, Win-Lose, Lose-Win and Lose-Lose. The purpose this habit is called Think Win-Win is for you to have a mindset were everyone benefits from a situation. It’s like a buffet there is enough to go around for everyone—no one is left out.

I always apply this with my self because I have brothers and sisters and what I mean by this is that most of the time we get something not all of us get a benefit. I have learned to split something equally between of all us where we all have something good equally, in the end. The fifth habit is called: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.The way the author wantsyou to put this habit in your life is by listening and putting yourself in someone else’s point of view. Putting yourself into someone’s one else’s view on things opens up a whole new world to you, It enables you to understand and gain a better prospective on the person you’re talking to.

In order to have a decent conversation you must first understand how their minds works. There are times when I’m really not paying attention when people talk to me because there’s a time where I don’t feel like talking—especially in the morning. I have had this habit in my life ever since I was younger. I don’t know if its genetics or just me because I actually sit and listen to a person tell me about their problems, it makes me feel as if I’m a counselor. To continue with the last two habits.

The next one is: Synergize. Synergizing is the accomplishment of a feat having two or more people an example you can use synergy with is a flock of geese. They all fly in a V formation. Geese fly in this formation to reduce the amount of energy and time flying a long set of miles. What could take one average goose months or days to do could only take a group of geese in formation could take a way shorter amount of time. Synergy is finding new and better ways to have thins and open-mindedness.

You can see that working together will make you achieve more success rather than working alone. To be honest I don’t have this enabled in my life, but everyday I get more involved in working with groups of people. The main reason I don’t work with people is because all of the commotion of people saying they want this on there and how much work people actually put into the work—which highly irritates me. The last habit is: Sharpening the Saw. Having a Sharpened Saw means that you have balance in your body. What I mean by that is eating healthy, exercising, reading, having good rba’s and meditation.

All of these are required. You must fuel your brain, mind, body, heart and soul. If you don’t care of your bodily hygiene or weight then you’ll eventually turn into an unhealthy person and being unhealthy- leads to a premature death. For mind, heart and soul I have already marked down but the only thing in my opinion everyone is having a problem with is body in this time period there are so many foods that will cause you to gain ten lbs. in the matter of three to four days. That’s why many people check what’s in the food before they eat it.