Writing Changing Over The Years

My writing has improved in the past few years. I have learned many different types of writing styles such as speaking to an audience and how to compare two things in one topic. I’ve also learned about a lot of new words to use when I am typing. Also where to put all of the right commas and punctuation where they need to go. I’ve noticed improvement in a lot of my writing styles. I have used lots of punctuation between the years so I needed to know where to put them at the right time.

Also capitalizing the proper nouns and the beginning of sentences every time. Making sure words are spelled right is also a skill I am improving in. Some things that I could probably improve in is the way I write. Some of the ways I write are plain and boring. Sometimes its exciting but most of the time i just try to get a good grade.

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I could also improve how much effort I put into a paper. The effort I put into writing a paper is about five percent. When it comes to writing I could do so much better.