What is Writing?

What is writing? Is it some type of sixth sense? Is it just another subject in school that some people are good at and others aren’t? What is writing? Most people don’t ask that question, because they think they know the answer.

They’ll say that writing is constructing words, sentences, and paragraphs on a piece of paper. It isn’t. Your ability to write is like a muscle. Most people only work the muscle as much as they have to. They can write a decent essay. A few sentences.

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They can write. However, can they write? The answer is complicated. In the simplest form, it is no. They cannot pour their very hearts and feelings onto a piece of paper. Not because they do not have the ability.

They cannot write because they don’t see a reason to, or they haven’t found their style. Everyone has a style of writing. They might prefer to write sentences that are short, catchy, and to the point. They might like to be an artist and craft their words. They might prefer poetry, songs, plays, fiction, nonfiction, politics, essays, or any other form of written work. The problem for most people is finding the writing that suits them.

For those without a reason to write, there is nothing driving them to. They might even have reasons not to write, such as work, family life, etc. They do not find joy in writing. They are the majority. The minority, the authors, the artists, the eccentric, the passionate.

The majority finds pleasure in other things. The minority finds their pleasure in the beauty of words. The way they can make dazzling pictures in the minds of readers. The minority tries to bring the world closer to the problems. The minority tries to give the world a choice, an independent, personal choice. A chance to be different.

The minority stays up late, fueled by caffeine and sugar, tapping away at a keyboard. The minority tries to change the world. They have one problem. They are the minority. What is writing? Writing is a passion, a way to save the world, to bring it closer and give it a choice. Writing is a chance.