Lil Wayne: The Best Rapper Alive

Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr. (also known as lil wayne) started his career early. He grew up in new orleans, lousiana on hollygrove st where lots of people had a rapping background it was natural for him to pursue this option as well. He began his official rapping career at only eleven years old with a well known recored company named “Cash money records” and promoted himself in 1997 by founding “The Carter” series. Dwayne is very talented what he does and after five years of outstanding lyrics many people call him the best rapper alive.

Lil wayne became successful with a group named the boyz. Bryan williams added him into his record company, (Cash money records) and the boyz because of the lyrics wayne left on his answering machine. Bryan williams help wayne out on the radio, cinching his reputation as a professional rapper. Wayne didn’t really concern himself abot the financial part of music but was happy to have it.

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