I am still alive.

Today was my Physics exam. I won’t lie.

It was BAD. As in horrible. I don’t even feel bad. I am not going to. I know that I slogged my ass off for three days, so I knew that I had been honest to my efforts. I reallly don’t care about my marks.

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Actually, it is not as if a low score is actually gonne affect me a lot. I wanna major in humanities, economics or literature maybe. So, no technical subject is gonna decide my future. Yay! Well, there is that silver lining. I have such a cool mom.

She noticed today morning when I got up at 5 a.m. to study that I was like really tensed and worked up about not being prepared. She said to me, ” Ten years from now, let’s see if you are more successful or the ‘toppers’ in your school. No exam measures the skills required for making it huge.

” So, with the attitude that ‘ whatever happens, happens’, I went for the exam without any stress. I was no Sarah Stressica Parker :p :p . Yeah, I did get the chills when I first glanced at the questions. But oh that triumphant feeling when the final bell rang at 2 p.m.

!! I felt as if I had conquered Mount Everest! PHYSICS IS DONE, THE LAST PHYSICS PAPER OF MY LIFE IS DONE! I actually danced after coming home. I just wanna be a strong and a wise and a sincere person. I wanna make it huge in this world and I am going to. I believe in myself. I am just so happy that my exams will be over in a week! Then, I am gonna party hard and live on the edge, only for two months.

I desire to feel it once. There are so many things I wish to do. Get a tattoo on my torso, a real sexy one. Dance in a club like crazy. Drive my bike at a speed of 120 km/hr. After that, it will be back to experiencing and living life and striving to make my dream come true. I can’t wait for it all!