Exam 101

Exam week, it’s stressful and tiring. Everyone gets stressed, whether it’s your failing a class or want the best grade you can you stress about passing the end of semester exams for your classes. However, most have their own secrets to the survival of exam week. TIP ONE: Know The Schedule So yes, this might be a no-brainer but it is important because knowing the schedule helps you to manage time and how long you have to do your exam so you don’t have to worry about not finishing. Knowing the time between exams helps when you need to study or need to know how much relax time you have before you go through another 90min exam.

TIP TWO: Prepare (Before and After Exam) Being prepared before exams meaning making sure you know the material and go over subjects you have a hard time with. Go over notes from the beginning of the year because it will be on the exam even if it seems irrelevant now. After the exam, it’s important to have something to do so your brain stays awake. when you sit and do nothing you get bored and normally people get tired and sleepy when they are bored. Most would recommend doing something that keeps your brain active, meaning not sleeping because when you sleep you wake up drowsy and, even more, tired because your brain got a rest instead of it staying awake. TIP THREE: Snack Time!! Bring something to munch on during or before exams.

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Most schools don’t have a regularly scheduled lunch during exams so it’s easy to bring something than to fight everyone through the line during the 15min you get before you have to be in the next testing room. Mints and gum are great for during the test and something packaged and ready to eat are good for after an exam is over. This is important so you stay awake after a long exam. TIP FOUR: Hydration Drink water or anything while testing, nothing sucks more than being really thirsty when testing but also make sure you don’t drink too much and use the bathroom before exams so you don’t get distracted my needing to pee half way through a test and not being able to leave the testing room. TIP FIVE: Relax Between test days do your best to relax, take your mind off testing. After spending days or weeks preparing for exams, you know the information and stressing about it too much will make you blank.

You would be amazed how much you remember when your head isn’t spinning around trying to hold onto the information you think you don’t know.