Umqua Bank

In the case of Umps Bank, the organizational culture Is so unique that both employees and customers embrace It. Umps Is not just a bank, it’s a way of life and the experience you feel at this organization should surpass any banking experience you’ve had.

In reviewing this case study, it’s Interesting to see how culture is embraced at all levels of the banking experience. Since culture Is the result of norms, values and common experiences within close working groups, I’m going to focus my analysis of Muumuu’s culture based on the experiences that both customers and employees have in this organization. Umps Employee Experience Its evident Umps fosters a “service centric” environment and the organization’s culture Is based on providing service above anything else.

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Ray Davis, Umps, CEO believes that if we “focus on service, sales will come. This belief is evident in the various programs in place for employees, including all-inclusive training, incentive orgasm, and operational standards and measurement tools that were all designed to help Improve the client experience. Davis made sure that employees “walked the walk and talked the talk. ” The company’s mission statement stated that “our people may achieve unparalleled personal and professional success” and Davis empowered them to achieve this through the various programs that were in place. The “Return on Quality (ARQ) program was a way that Umps managed the culture.

This program measured the level of service at each branch.

The “Oscar” given to ranches with the highest Roe’s generated excitement and was a source of empowerment for employees to consistently improve the experience for their branch. Success stories were often communicated through their Internal newsletter, Umps Insider, which helped to motivate employees in all branches. Umps Customer Experience From the customer’s standpoint, the design and services built into the Umps banking experience Is another way that the culture Is embraced.

Having a US Postal counter in every branch, internet, special coffee, a direct line to the President and the overall “living room feel” are all factors that contribute to the experience at Umps. Customers are expected to have the “world’s best bank” experience because of all these unique services In place.

In the article “Leading by Leveraging Culture”, Chatham & Chaw also referenced that the most effective organizations are those that have cultures that are “strategically relevant, strong and emphasize innovation and change. (Chatham & Chaw, 2003) The fact that Davis focused on the design of the bank, as a key part of the customer experience, Is an Indicator that the culture embraced Innovation. Overall, Muumuu’s model of providing a banking experience where employees and its I OFF is about “relationships” and Muumuu’s banking experience embraces a unique relationship with both their employees and customers. It’s difficult to manage culture within any organization, but Umps has the operational structure and leadership to make it work. I do wonder if they can actually be the “world’s best bank. I agree that they are creating a banking experience that we are not currently accustomed to.

However, I wonder how electronic banking will impact Umps in the true. It would be interesting to see how they extend their experience to mobile bankers who refuse to actually go too branch to do business. Organizational Chart Based on the case data, Umps appears to have a hybrid structure that has both functional and divisional qualities. The top leadership of the organization, including the board, operates in a “functional form. ” All departments are differentiated, but have similar values and goals.

Since the “functional structure also promotes in-depth skill development of employees,” (Norris, 1991) Muumuu’s model of ongoing training ND development of employees is consistent with this.

The various branches at Umps have more of a divisional structure as each branch operates independently. Yes, they follow protocols and standards, but in theory, also compete within one another. The ARQ accolades were awarded based on a branch’s success. The case study also referenced the autonomy that universal associates had in servicing customers, and that is consistent with a divisional structure.

In evaluating Muumuu’s hybrid structure with its organizational culture, there is a good relationship between he two. Umps has a unique culture that extends to both the employees and customers, which requires oversight, training and flexibility within each branch.

The hybrid structure complements this as there is influence from the top, but enough autonomy at bottom. Humboldt Bank Integration (Yellow Team) What: Integrating Humboldt bank into Umps. 4 banks/27 branches would need to be converted within the next 18 – 36 months. Who: Steve May, Executive Vice President of Cultural Enhancement oversees the Humboldt integration.

How/When: Integration should be in various phases. Training of employees & operations, Initial re-brand and full renovation.

Training of employees & operations staff should take place immediately. During this phase, there would be a restructure of employee and back office staff. This will require changes to technology to allow branches to tap into the current back office staff in place. Initial Re-brand should also take place within 30-90 days. In this phase, general signage and marketing materials would be placed in all branches.

Local advertising and communication to existing customers would also take place.

The integration team could create a standard marketing package for all branches to follow. The full re-model would happen over time with all branches fully remodeled in 3 years. To ease with expense, a design integration team would also be involved in recreating spaces to follow renovation so that others can have a standard to look forward to. Why: Integrating cultures is going to be a difficult task. Since Umps is going to recreate a new banking experience for Humboldt employees and customers, it won’t happen overnight.

It is imperative that training of staff and management for former Humboldt employees take place immediately as the relationship with the customer will be the key to a successful integration.

The new culture may result in attrition of employees who were used to the “old way’ of doing business and Umps needs to plan for this.